Tiffany M Ruffner

Equipping Creatives to align their media presence with their faith and purpose

Change the world with your voice

I believe that we are all given the ability to impact and affect the world with our voice and we choose each day whether or not to serve God by using our voice in the space that we are called to.

I have been sharing my faith online for over 20 years! My first blog, The Final Hour was started in 2004.

I especially believe that God has created us for such a time as this where we have access to the media space so that we can share the good news!

Such a time as this

Do you feel as if God called you to the media space but feel as if you’ve been prevented from starting or finishing what you started?

Do you believe that you are supposed to start a Podcast, Blog or a YouTube Channel, but you aren’t ready to share your voice quite yet, and need some help?

Do you believe god called you to media?

Hi, I’m Tiffany!

I have shared my faith online for over 20 years and I have worked in many creative positions from Graphic Design, Editing Publications and Magazines, Article Writing, Videography, Media and Production, you name it!

I love everything about being creative and even work with entertainers. Are you looking to start your creative journey in the media space?

Contact me.

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